In order to expand the Korean market and attract more Korean game developers, YooShi, the metaverse gaming platform, has jointly participate with DNAxCAT and StarMon at the “NFT SEOUL 2022” conference in South Korea on January 19, 2022.

YooShi, which was founded in 2021, has gradually grown from a Meme token to a blockchain-based metaverse platform, focusing on YooShi Games, YooShi Labs and P2E Guild Alliance. Under the market trend of Meme and gaming Metaverse, YooShi has achieved a global community of more than 450,000 users, the NFT trading market transaction volume has exceeded 130 million US dollars, and the global crypto asset market value ranks 95. At the same time, as the first GameFi LaunchPad on BSC, the blockchain games DNAxCAT and StarMon incubated by YooShi, also let blockchain players deeply feel the charm of Play to Earn!

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