On December 27, 2021, WEEX, the world’s safest and easiest-to-use futures trading platform, officially launched the futures trading of mainstream assets. The new registration process brings users a new experience of low rates, safety and convenience.

With the global technology giant taking over metaverse, the relevant hot plates in digital currency have become hot spots. As the first-tier exchanges withdraw from the mainland market, ordinary investors want to get involved in digital currency trading. The first consideration is safety.

WEEX has provided an innovative platform for investors in digital currency in terms of security and professionalism. With all-round security protection and high-speed transaction matching technology, it has attracted more and more investors’ attention.

WEEX, as a compliance trading platform, has always taken the interests of users as the fundamental starting point, and effectively protected the safety of users’ funds. WEEX carries out multi-level protection on platform funds through multi-dimensions, and avoids risks by setting up multi-level security protection systems such as platforms, accounts, wallets and internal control management.

During the development process of the WEEX platform, safety was taken as an important indicator, the trading mechanism was continuously improved, two modes of full position and position-by-position were adopted, zero handling fee was imposed on the step closing position, and the original mark-up price system in the encrypted money market was adopted to protect small and medium-sized customers.


From the very beginning of the platform’s creation, it has reflected WEEX’s long-term strategic vision and provided a complete service security strategy. Based on overseas experience, servers are deployed and backed up in multiple locations, so that security will never be lost and user information will not be leaked.

The relevant responsible persons of WEEX unanimously stated to the public that WEEX has always adhered to the business philosophy of “customers first, partners first”, and insisted on focusing on users’ needs. It also needs to comply with the regulatory requirements of various countries around the world, which includes that the company should have a formal license.


For encrypted money exchanges, regulation is a test for every platform. Currently, WEEX has obtained financial licenses from Singapore, Dubai, MSB of the United States and MSB of Canada. “WEEX conducts its business legally on the premise of compliance, and WEEX never fights unprepared battles.” The person in charge said that this is also the reason why WEEX was trusted by users once it started. In order to attract more encryption enthusiasts around the world, WEEX needs to be subject to supervision and compliance development.


Professional User Considers Hard Core Standard

When users choose the digital currency trading platform, professionalism is also an important principle. The reason is that ordinary investors lack the knowledge and skills to encrypt investments in digital currency and are in urgent need of professional services. On the one hand, there are many kinds of encryption digital currency, such as wallet management, account opening in the exchange, transaction processing and other tedious operations; On the other hand, derivatives such as futures fluctuate greatly as digital currency trades 7×24 hours. In terms of development strategy, WEEX aims at the global market to actively deploy the block chain, provide multi-country services and provide encrypted monetary and financial services for global users. Its business includes spot and perpetual futures transactions, etc. It has gathered a group of professionals from leading global enterprises in technology and finance such as Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Citibank and Google. It has rich experience in the block chain industry in the field of digital currency, and its teams are distributed all over the world, including Singapore, Taiwan Province and Dubai.

In terms of product transaction strategy, WEEX has a professional chart transaction analysis tool, which provides a wealth of technical indicators, and two modes of concise transaction and professional transaction. The product is designed to match the world’s top institutions, making it possible to make payments when they are due, and creating an anonymous and secure transaction environment. It can use email for registration, omitting KYC fully, bringing an unprecedented experience to the user’s operation.


In terms of capital safety, the bank has multi-signature wallets for asset management verification, providing Google with double verification to ensure capital safety, distributed wallet management, and fast capital allocation. It has also set up 1,000 BTC deposit pools with sufficient funds. Users can withdraw cash at any time. At the same time, the bank’s address is publicized to ensure that the funds pool is truly open and supervised.


In terms of market inclusiveness, WEEX has always maintained an open stance. It is committed to providing safe and friendly digital currency trading services for users in digital currency and “fair and win-win” cooperation opportunities for its partners. The person in charge of WEEX said that the platform would welcome agents from all over the world to join the platform and work together to paint a new picture brought by encrypted currency.


WEEX is built with an investment of US$ 100 million from Singapore’s top block chain investment institutions. As the upstream of the digital currency market, WEEX will closely follow the trend on the basis of polishing its products and select the mainstream and popular encryption asset segment. WEEX has the strength to provide users with high-quality investment targets. In the current global environment, WEEX has set a new benchmark for a compliant and secure exchange, providing first-class digital financial services to users worldwide with high standards. 


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