Vitruveo Surpasses $1 Million Milestone in NFT Sales, Strengthens Ecosystem with Successful Fundraising

18 January 2024 / Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Vitruveo, the groundbreaking blockchain platform designed exclusively for creators, proudly announces a significant milestone, having exceeded $1 million in NFT (Non-Fungible Token) sales. The achievement marks a momentous step forward for the ecosystem, which has rapidly gained traction within the creator and Web3 community.

This remarkable accomplishment reflects the growing demand for Vitruveo’s unique approach to empowering creators in the digital age. Vitruveo’s innovative blockchain ecosystem enables artists to tokenize and monetize their work securely, providing them with new avenues for revenue generation and audience engagement.

Vitruveo achieved the milestone through the sales of its Booster and Super Booster NFTs. Embedded in every NFT is a piece of art by renowned global artists, and each artwork is Augmented Reality (AR) -enabled so that the buyer gets their own unique experience of the art they collect. In December 2023, all Booster and Super Booster NFT artworks got showcased at Times Square, New York.

On top of receiving a set amount of $VTRU tokens, Vitruveo’s native cryptocurrency, holders of the NFT earn 30% of the commission fee from art sales. They can also take advantage of Vitruveo’s early adopter rewards through the protocol’s unique built-in rebasing function where holders can see their $VTRU tokens compound over time without having to worry about inflation.

In a recent statement, Nik Kalyani, Founder and CEO of Vitruveo, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from both creators and the broader community. “We are thrilled to have crossed the $1 million mark in NFT sales, and we are deeply grateful to our vibrant community who trust in Vitruveo’s vision to become the most trusted blockchain for creators in existence. This success reinforces our commitment to providing creators with a blockchain platform that empowers them to thrive in the digital economy.”

The funds raised through the NFT sales will be strategically allocated to strengthen and evolve Vitruveo’s ecosystem. Key areas of focus include enhancing platform features, expanding partnerships, covering exchange liquidity, and deploying cutting-edge decentralized applications (Dapps) to ensure a seamless and secure experience for creators and collectors alike.

Vitruveo invites all members of the media, creators, and blockchain enthusiasts to join in celebrating this milestone and stay tuned for upcoming developments. To join the Vitruveo ecosystem early, invest in a Vitruveo Booster or Super Booster NFT by visiting

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About Vitruveo

Vitruveo is a vertically-integrated ecosystem for Creators, founded on the principles of trust, technology, and community. It employs an EVM-based protocol to establish a decentralized ecosystem. With blockchain technology at the foundation, Vitruveo offers dApps, learning materials, workshops, events, marketing help and more in its stack, giving it a unique competitive advantage when onboarding creators and professional art organizations to Web3. Vitruveo’s core protocol has rebasing built-in, making it the world’s first auto-rebasing protocol, ensuring long-term sustainability and passive income opportunities for creators and investors. 

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