Paxful becomes a one-stop destination for all those users who wish to buy Bitcoins anonymously. It is a P2Pbitcoin marketplace that connects buyers with the sellers and vice versa. With the help of Paxful, a user will be able to exchange Bitcoinfastly, conveniently, and privately.
In earlier times, the demand for cryptocurrency has been driven, and it is important to have such a platform available, which allows users to easily deal with Bitcoin. Paxful comes as a platform that allows them to deal with it easily. The best part about this platform is that it allows multiple payment options like Paypal, Fiat, and credit card, which let them engage in multiple Crypto exchanges easily. The operational mode of Paxful is quite impressive, and users are impressed because it permits them to get answers according to their queries.
If you are new to cryptocurrency or Bitcoin exchanges, then there might be a chance you have no idea about paxful. For all the users out there, we bring out the Paxful review so that things become more clear and one can easily rely on this platform.

What is Paxful?

As we have already mentioned that it is a Crypto exchange platform. It was established in 2015 and brought out all the Bitcoin buyers and sellers together at one platform. It is a peer2peer platform which indicates that it will not be going to operate as a merchant for Bitcoin or any centralized exchange.
It will act as a mediator between the sellers and buyers. The process of purchasing Bitcoin will become quite friendly with Paxful. A user will be able to associate with without having any thoughts about their identity will be revealed.
Additionally, all the affiliate programs also come up with certain benefits for businesses and individuals. They will be able to use social media following and blogs and websites to drive more referrals and have more earning from Paxful.

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Mode of operation for paxful and steps to follow:

The buying and selling of Bitcoins will become one of the simplest procedures with the help of paxful. It is a platform that allows the sellers and buyers to come in contact with each other. When a user wishes to start using paxful they need to head towards the site and click on the buy Bitcoin icon at the top Centre section.
After choosing it they can simply choose the quantity of Bitcoin they need to purchase and currency as per their choice. Bitcoins will get displayed on the page and the amount of choice as well. After choosing the same user needs to follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • After looking at the number of Bitcoins in the wallet next a user needs to create an account.
  • On the right hand side of the website, create an account option and click on it.
  • A new page will appear that will ask for valid email, username and password.
  • After completing the creating account procedure, a free Bitcoin wallet will also be created by paxful where a user can simplify the Purchase process.
  • Now choose the method of payment. Different methods of payment are there a user needs to choose accordingly.
  • Now search for the Bitcoin sellers and do not forget to indicate about the currency of choice.
  • Search results will get a pear, and a user can simply select a specific seller.
  • After selecting the seller, view the profile and decide whether you wish to buy from the same or wish to change. If you wish to chat with the seller the option is also there to ask about the queries if there is any.
  • When you move ahead for purchase in the procedure, you will be directed to escrow service, and it will guide you through all the additional steps along with the selected mode of payment.
  • After it, a user will be able to get the results according to their requirement, and the purchasing procedure of Bitcoin has been completed.

Is Paxful a safe platform to buy Bitcoin?

During the development of paxful developers, keep a thought about security into consideration. They come up with all the security structures and indicators that allowed them to have secured trading. Let’s have a look at some structures and indicators that allow getting some more info considered paxful:-
Use of Advanced encryption:
When a user is dealing with online transactions, it is important to have a website that is secured to use. The developers during the development of paxful, keep the same into consideration, and come up with advanced encryption. They use 256 bit SSL to encrypt the data. The encryption technology is advanced and comes up with a modern Encryption Algorithm.
Security of user funds:
After creating an account on Paxful, the coins will be directly deposited into the wallet. It is automatically generated for the user. It is secured with a password and two-factor authentication. No third party can gain access to wallets at all. It is also important for users to create a wallet to keep their wallet more secure. It became difficult for hackers to forget.

The developers registered paxful in the eyes of the government as well first of its headquarter is at 3422 Old capital trail PMB# #989, Wilmington DE,19808, USA. Also, on the exchange about us page, they have posted about the images of the top staff. One cannot say that it is not a legitimate firm to deal with.

Conclusion – Paxful Review

From the above discussion, it is quite evident that Paxful is a one-stop destination for all those who wish to have a platform that allows them to have a secure platform for secure purchasing and selling of Bitcoin. If you are also becoming a part of the Bitcoin thing, consider Paxful and get the best in return.
Feel free to ask about your query if there is any. The customer support with Paxful is also up to the mark, which clearly indicates that at every step, there is a firm that will help a customer in getting the best in return.

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