EHP Technologies, an energy company that designs and analyses energy systems using state-of-the-art engineering tools, has announced that its products will meet the 2030 Paris Agreement. The technology is built to ensure that factories, homes, cities, etc., have access to affordable, clean, and healthier energy that ensures the environment’s safety. As the first and only 5th generation heating and cooling technology, EHP ensures a cleaner and healthier environment.

Mr.Anıl Çil, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EHP Technologies, said that EHP-based systems offer an up to of 67% crude oil savings and, in some cases, can be up to 100%. Mr. Anil further explained that EHP systems are well-suited to sustain the drive to curtail carbon emissions. EHP Technology provides energy savings due to its efficient operation at low temperatures. Additionally, the technology can be infused completely with clean and healthier energy sources and waste heat recovery at low temperatures, thus eliminating the need for fossil fuels and reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. EHP Technology seeks to save the planet today and not wait until 2030. With EHP-integrated products, the world can save up to 375 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.

The 2030 Paris Agreement

In December 2020, the European Union published its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) under the Paris Agreement. According to the NDC, the EU plans to reduce the rate of carbon emissions by at least 55% by 2030. However, the recent surge in the utilization of coal and other non-renewable energy sources by some European countries due to the global energy crisis has made it highly unlike to meet the 2030 Paris Agreement.

The European Roadmap for decarbonisation includes leveraging the fifth-generation district energy systems to utilize low-quality energy sources. Currently, the only heating equipment that meets the seemingly unattainable goal of the EU is the EHP-powered radiators. These radiators operate optimally at low temperatures, unlike conventional ones, and they access the globally available clean energy sources, which have been hugely underutilized.

About EHP Technologies

EHP Technologies is the world’s first and only 5th generation heat transfer technology technology developed to solve the global energy crisis and curb the rising greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. The technology is designed to serve the energy needs of homes, factories, cities, agricultural facilities, etc. All EHP-based products solve various problems, such as efficient waste heat recovery, zero carbon emissions, and heating and cooling at energy efficiency.

These products can be deployed across various industries and sectors such as steel industries, chemical industries, mining industries, automotive industries, pre-heating industries, steam & electricity generation, petroleum refining industries, metal production industries, paper, and pulp industries, cement industries, chilling industries, energy production industries, power plant producers, solar panel manufacturers, radiator manufacturers, textile industries, defense industries, heating and cooling system manufacturing.

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