Last updated May 19, 2020

Binance cryptocurrency exchange, The firm has documented a field name with the Chinese government.

Considering common public data the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China certified Binance’s domain name,, in April. The field name is indexed as a subordinate of Shanghai Bi Nai Shi Information Technology LLC, which has the same modulation as Binance in Chinese.

The government information also indicates that Binance documented the field name with the firm Shanghai Bi Nai Shi Information Technology LLC. As Chinese crypto media layout ChainNews informed, the only official spokesperson of this firm, Junxi He, has two other firms also filed under his name. From the last three months, three firms have joined and contain names similar to Binance.

On the podcast, Binance disputes to be “the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem developer” and has been “dedicated to the development and commercialization of the blockchain technology.” As the podcast states, the employment it contributes to China contains advisory, study, advancement, benevolence, and funds in blockchain manufacturing. It also consists of a series of descriptive blog posts on a few basic ideas in blockchains, cryptography, and finance.

The podcast occurs likely to be a section of the firm’s new step forward for a blockchain study organization in China. In March, Binance Academy, the nonprofit making education subordinate of Binance, declared that it has introduced the study institute for blockchain technology study and growth. An official spokesperson for Binance agreed to this relationship when attained.

Huobi has been executing similar blockchain-as-a-provider combat in China. It is a  team member of the Blockchain Service Network, an organization assisted by the Chinese government-supported consult team State Information Center to support the blockchain technology as a service to both local and oversea businesses.

Similar to Binance Academy, Huobi also drives an educational organization named Huobi University that has been in action in China for more than a year.

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